Transition Bikes, a bicycle manufacturer based in Ferndale, Washington USA just absolutely love making mountain bikes. Work at Transition is a labour of love and devotion where for over 10 years they have been having fun with their customers, creating bikes that make you want to get out and ride.

Designed to be faster than you, their philosophy is to make bikes you can’t outgrow. You’ll see that in every bike they make and attention to detail they take in everything they do. They are serious about making some of the best bikes in the world designed to put a smile on your face from the very first pedal stroke.

2015 marks a year of big change at Transition Bicycles, as they have a ton of new products that show their devotion to the evolution of our sport. Unrolling four new models featuring their Giddy Up Link Suspension design—a twist on the Horst Link four-bar suspension system—the one that is no longer protected by a patent. That said, the new bikes are no Specialized clones. There are a lot of ways to skin the four-bar cat and these are interesting ones.

More about Giddy- Up:

When Transition bikes set out to design the new family of trail bikes, they wanted to improve their suspension bike pedaling performance, but didn’t want to lose the neutral and comfortable feel that Transition Bikes are known for. No one at Transition wanted a suspension system that felt like it was locking out, or provided any “kick back” in the pedals. Their Giddy Up link is specifically tuned with a moderate amount of chain growth which is highest at the sag point and decreasing deeper into the travel. Because of this finely tuned wheel path, the new models have a notable increase in traction when climbing, without the rider noticing the chain growth fighting the suspension movement.

The ride feel of their Giddy Up Link bikes will be familiar for any previous Transition rider, but with a big improvement in suspension performance. Their new models are designed to be active while climbing; increased compression damping or rear shock platforms are not required with the Giddy Up link. The suspension remains free to smooth out the trail, improve traction and control without sacrificing any efficiency. There is no need to think about flipping switches; start your ride with the shock open and leave it there. With Giddy Up you can focus on the trail, not your remotes, levers or knobs. Just grab your bike, Giddy Up and go.